My name is Valerie Valdez and I am the owner & founder of LavishBliss CO. In 2018, while I was still trying to find exactly what my path would be, I did the most creative thing that humans can possibly do—I had a child. Until then, I was making custom designs for customers and really understanding the craft of making shirts and other merchandise. But becoming a mother was so transformative and it led me to a place of inspiration where I felt the need to celebrate this experience and its truths. It started with a simple design saying “Mama” on the front and when I began getting feedback from women who didn’t have kids that they would rock it if they “were moms,” I knew then that I could also speak to femininity as a whole. So, through the birth of my son, I was kind of given this perspective of what are the layers of myself that I can share with other mothers, women and just my fellow person. Mental Health and working in the field of Mental Health is important to me. I have fused that experience with my designs by adding positive affirmations for people. Some of my t-shirt’s state, “You are so Worthy,” “You are not Alone” and “Kindness is Beautiful.” I wanted the person that walked by someone wearing my t-shirt who needed that reassurance to know that they are loved. Today, I design, print, and create all my t-shirts, all while working a full-time job, as well as being a full-time mom, wife, and running the brand on an organizational level.